Welcome to Vinh City. Definitely worth a visit.

Welcome To Vinh City


Vinh City is located in north – central Vietnam and is one of the fastest developing cities in the region. It is ideally situated a stone’s throw from the coast and some of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the country.


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It is approximately 390 kilometers south of Hanoi, and 1,400 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City. Traveling to either of these destinations is very easy indeed. The newly upgraded international airport has flights leaving daily or if you prefer a scenic route, the reunification train offers a more traditional travel opportunity and a perfect chance to see some of the most breath taking landscape in the world. Vinh bus station has buses leaving for locations throughout the country every hour and is possibly the cheapest form of transport but offers the same advantages as the train.


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The scenery around Vinh is simply stunning. The rolling hills to the west are a breath taking backdrop in the distance on a clear summers day. Lam River winds itself around the outskirts of the city whilst Quyet Mountain overlooks Vinh and offers 360 degrees views of the surrounding area.

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It is often said that ‘people make a city’. Vinh is no exception and perfectly encapsulates this phrase. The locals have a warmth and friendliness about them that is difficult to match. Their hospitality and honesty is remarkable and they will honestly make your stay a phenomenal one. Yes of course there is a language barrier at times but don’t let that stop you from having fun and making friends.